We discuss the collecting, operating, repairing and restoring of Marx toy trains. They were manufactured by the Louis Marx Company and Girard Model Works (Joy Line) 1927-1975. We also discuss new Marx production from Ameritrains by Jim Flynn 1992-2005.  This list networks Marx Train enthusiasts worldwide, providing a venue for collectors and operators to enhance their collections and knowledge. Almost all Marx Train related posts are welcome here, e.g. collecting stories, unique items, questions and answers, repair tips, resources, references, and Internet links. Promoting items that you have for sale is generally discouraged on this list. Use your best judgment when referring to an active auction item. It may be best to discuss these matters privately. Although some topic drift is to be expected, the main focus of the group will be centered on Marx. Above all, everyone should enjoy themselves and have FUN!!!! Personal attacks (flaming), insults, profanity, and ethnic slurs, will not be tolerated. (Members, please check out our Group_Rules_and_Hints in the Files area of this site. Spam type advertisers will be removed without warning. This group was solely owned and moderated Jan. 1999-June 2006 by Lou Lauderbaugh, until Lou's passing, and co-moderated by Jack Priller until his passing. It is currently co-owned and moderated by S. Eastman, D. Hess, M. Nickerson, and D. Farquhar, hoping to continue the friendly and helpful attitude that Lou and Jack fostered. 

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